A little Xebra History:

A long time ago in a galaxy far away

The beginnings of the band came together and moved quickly through many guises and various different members. Xebra began with Karl and some friends in college under the then name of 'Henry Blue'. After some line up shake ups Karl was quickly joined by brother Steve, Mark and a few other members. After a name change, to 'Red Letter Day' regular gigs began. The band then moved into the social club scene, again prompting a small line up change and a name change to 'Three Men and a Baby'. It was under this name that the band really began to gain momentum and became well known across the club circuit. As the years went on, the band again lost a member which saw the addition of Dave to the line up, Prompting a name change to 'Shoestring'. However, it was not long after this that 'Xebra' was born. After meeting a local drummer, Alan, the original line up of Xebra was complete. Xebra went from strength to strength playing everything from local festivals to pubs, clubs, parties, weddings and even managed to make it on to a few TV shows. Eventually, Alan decided to call it a day, which was when Xebra met Cai. Cai was a bar man at the legendary local bar 'Vanilla Lounge' where Xebra had an 8 year residency. Cai became drummer for Xebra for around four years but left as he had the opportunity to follow another musical path. Xebra are now a four piece band gigging at many venues across Merseyside from The Cavern to Local pubs, The Mersey Ferries to Parties they can entertain just about anyone, anywhere.


Meet Xebra


Karl is Xebra's rhythm guitarist and one of the lead vocalists.


Mark is Xebra's Bassist and the other lead vocalist.


Steve is one of Xebra's lead guitarists and a backing vocalist.


Dave is the other of Xebra's lead guitarists and is a backing vocalist.